About Patricia Bootsma

In Pursuit of the Heart of God

After pastoring for twenty-three years at Catch the Fire Toronto or its mother church, Patricia alongside her husband John are now the Sr. Leaders of Catch the Fire Canada. Patricia is also the leader of the Canadian Prophetic Counsil. After starting and leading houses of prayer for fifteen years, Patricia is now helping in the leader shop of the National House of Prayer for Canada.

Patricia speaks internationally as a prophetic voice into individuals, ministries and nations stirring hearts into passion for Jesus and to live out the fullness of destiny. John and Patricia are the parents of six amazing children, three of whom are married and involved in Christian ministry.

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If you would like to invite Patricia to speak or minister at your Church, organisation or event, please email pbootsma@catchthefire.com. We will personally contact you after prayerfully considering your request.

Patricia Bootsma is someone I admire deeply. For years she has prophesied with great accuracy and integrity. In her typical fashion, Patricia has written a book that flows from her heart and her life. It is a manual for anyone who wonders how one s current reality can ever catch up to God s prophetic destiny. No matter what your circumstances, you will be blessed and challenged by Patricia’s story, as she demonstrates from her own life how one can be mother, pastor, prophet, and international speaker: just listen to His voice and believe!

Stacey Campbell

Founder, Canadian Prophetic Council; International Speaker & Author


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